Meet the Veet-it App Promo Video

The famous body – care company Veet knocked our door for a digital marketing product to reach out to young and free ladies and to explain to them how practical and functional they are.
The brief was about being practical, being functional and reminding of repeative usage.

The Debrief

We’ve targeted Twitter to reach to Veet users because young and free ladies love Twitter. To be mentioned with their friends and having a lot of followers made them happy.

But because of the crowdness of the mentions and their dialogues with their friends, the visitors who visit their Twitter accounts couldn’t see their original tweets and didn’t follow them.

Ladies who was aware of this, spent hours to remove the mentions one by one and that wasn’t so practical.
We thought, Veet; helping them practically get rid of unwanted things in real life, could help them to get rid of unwanted tweets on the social world as well.

So we created Veet-It!

How It Works

Veet-it is a practical application which you log in using your twitter account.
Veet-it is available on IOS, Android and on Web.

It’s designed to delete the mentions and retweets you’ve selected on your Twitter account.

Other then these, you can also search for a word in your tweets and delete it, for example your ex-lover john.