Behance Portfolio Review Opening Title

Behance Portfolio Review Week II Main Title Video (Making Off)

When Béhance asked us if we’d like to make a presentation at the BéTurkey Portfolio review, we responded in a serious attitude. “Hell Yeah!”

Then they asked if we’d like to make the main title video and the key visual, we responded “Why not?”

Then we began to work.
All we had was 11 days to complete the film and the key visual. And from the very beginning, what we wanted to do was to bring in all the creative minds around us on this project. Take every single idea seriously, discuss it, observe it, and if it works, do it. So we called every senior mind in various disciplines (art direction, design, photography direction, sound design, 3D artist etc.) and blenden them in the project. We made the best possible environment for a collaborative concentration and creation since we had a good reason.